Sometimes talking can help when life is difficult, we do this all the time if we have a supportive network of colleagues, friends or family. Counselling or psychotherapy is a bit different than that. It’s a unique therapeutic relationship in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. A way of talking that can help get to the heart of the matter.

You may have been thinking about seeing a therapist for some time. If you’d like to talk to me before arranging an appointment feel free to phone, text (my number is at the bottom of the page) or send an email. You can also book an appointment directly on the website, I’ll get an email if you do and will be in touch, usually the same day, to confirm the appointment.

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How much therapy do I need?

I get asked this from time to time by clients, usually within the first few sessions. I thought it would be useful to say a few words about what I’ve found and what the research says…


£50 per session

Fees can be paid by card, direct banking, Googlepay or Applepay.

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