So many kinds of counselling and therapy, what’s right for me?

This is probably the most asked question (or variations of it) after ‘what’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy’? There are many different kinds and these are sometimes known as modalities. I’ll give a run down on the more popular modalities and you’ll be able to see what the differences and similarities are and I’ll also talk about what’s important to look for when you’re thinking of seeing a therapist.

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Book Review: The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

One of my friends thought it might be a good idea to do some self-help book reviews of what might be useful but also what may be not so good. So my first choice is something I read early last year which I enjoyed. Keep reading to find out what I liked about it.

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Case Study: communication in relationships

Sometimes the reason we have difficulty in relationships is that communication isn’t happening effectively. How we talk to each other doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough that we have something to build and improve on. Once we have that first step we can learn to get better at it which in turn can lead to greater closeness, trust and partnership. Below are two examples of communication in a relationship.

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Why everything you know about therapy from TV is wrong.

There have been a lot of therapists portrayed on TV over the years. Most of what you see is an exaggeration or wrong in some way but I appreciate the need for artistic licence or dramatic effect. I’ve picked some from recent and not so recent TV shows to illustrate this and have focussed mostly on drama (except Sex Education becasue it’s brilliant and not just a comedy), so sorry Frasier fans (he is also exempt because he’s a psychiatrist)…

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