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How I now work online and in person.

In the past year Ive had a hate/hate relationship with working online; that’s changed, and I’m now doing both online and in person – here’s what I’ve worked out so far…

Last March, when the first of many lockdowns started due to the pandemic, I moved completely to working with clients via video. One client had already moved to Skype sessions by then and I used zoom mostly as it had become popular and was free and my free VeeSee trial had expired. Not all clients like video working and a few requested telephone counselling. Half my clients left or paused therapy over the next month and I found myself financially stressed. Working with video seemed limiting, I didn’t like it and neither did my clients. I ended up using many apps and platforms (using WhatsApp video resulting in receiving advertising based on things I’d said when I wasn’t using the app) depending on what clients had available or were comfortable using. I could have stopped working altogether but there was uncertainty around how long the lockdown would last, or when I’d be able to see clients in person again. I felt I had no choice but to keep working as best I could: I am not inclined to abandon clients in any way;  therapy is my sole income; and I wasn’t eligible for any government financial aid.

I did return to in person work as soon as I could and new clients have taken up therapy with me in the past six months or so. Out of necessity, and for many reasons, I have had to work remotely again with some clients and to my surprise most of it has felt effective from both my client’s and my own perspective.

So I will be working remotely in future, but only with established clients, I am unable to work remotely with new clients or clients who are not established enough in person. I have also decided to use a single telehealth app for video calls, rather than use VeeSee, zoom, Skype, WhatsApp video or FaceTime. works in a browser window (nothing to download, unlike zoom), was developed by the University of Utah (it’s legit, unlike zoom) and it complies with online privacy and health confidentiality (unlike zoom, Skype, WhatsApp & FaceTime) and it’s free (unlike VeeSee).

To make an (in-person) appointment please visit this page or text/phone me on 07963 064871